When you think of blogging, the first thing that comes to mind is that a blog has so many different types of information offered from the author on various types of subjects that may or may not interest the reader. When I blog, I blog about poetry, short stories, and self help ideas about the writing and publishing world. I offer important advice and helpful hints to other author/writers so that they may learn how to get their work published the safe way.

The many different types of blogs over the world wide web can be about gardening, how to raise children, religion, story excerpts, exercising, nutrition, diet, and health issues. People blog about tragedies within their own back yard, or they may talk about happy endings. The main point of blogging for many is to get their words out there in hopes that it will help many.

As we all know, there are thousands of people who blog and there are thousands and thousands of people who read those blogs as well. Blogging is a great way to showcase any type of talent you may have. It also shows many readers ideas that you support, and allows you to showcase any type of work you may be doing/selling.


Blogging also allows us to create worlds that otherwise do not exist to many. I believe that the pros of blogging allows us to share our thoughts on certain subjects that we hold dear to us. The cons about blogging is that not all information will be correct and this becomes the readers responsibility in determining what is right or wrong. The good new is we as readers have the option to continue reading and or learning, or moving on to another blog of our choice that will suit our needs.


Blogging allows you to add photos to capture the readers attention also. This can enhance the audiences reading experience. When blogging, you must use integrity, clear language, and make sure that your work is informative and precise. You must always back up your BlogSpot with the proper information available to make sure you are truthful. (Depending upon what you are blogging about)


I blog about my books, and find this to be a useful web tool as I can control what is posted. I do hope you enjoyed the pictures and explanation about blogging and how important this can be for many readers.

Tracy Leigh Ball-Edwards