One special moment

Taken away

No second chances

On this very day


A life time of pain

Promised forever

Nothing to gain

From this endeavor


Two hearts split apart

From one mistake

One broken heart

A habit hard to break


Soft words once spoken

Whispers ran deep

Many promises now broken

The tender heart now sleeps


That one special moment

Will last a life time

You can never forget him

Even past your prime


Since he met someone new

Your heart you try to mend

You admit you are no longer blue

As you try to comprehend


We all have our moments

Precious and few

We live to tell our stories

Old and new


Love will come and go

You won’t be the first, or the last

I won’t judge your future

Please do not judge my past


I will try to forgive you

Only this one day

Do not ever lie to me again

Friends don’t lie to friends this way!