The road is endless
The journey is free
It is all up to us
On what we want to be

We spend countless hours
Seeking the truth
We keep forgetting
How it began from youth

We ponder our thoughts
Putting them into place
You must always remember
They do not measure our dignity, nor grace

An adventure waits us
As we enter into a new year
Let’s keep those pens flowing
Keep our friends and family near

The many travels we may face
We shall embark on today or tomorrow
The scenery we shall embrace
Reminding us less of our past sorrows

We have the chance to grow
We have the chance to teach, to learn
Do not worry about what is written in stone
Do not look back at the bridges you will burn

So take this journey with ease
Be thankful for your life
May you find happiness and peace
May you forget about your strife

Happy New Year to All…