Christmas bells are ringing

As the snow gently falls

Carolers joyfully singing

Deck the Halls…


Children anxiously waiting

For Santa Claus to arrive

All nestled in their beds

Afraid to close their eyes


Mommy and daddy

Are kissing beneath the mistletoe

Wrapping all the presents

In pretty papers and bows


The Christmas tree

With its tinsel and lights

Decorated with ornaments galore

Is such a delightful sight!


My Christmas wish

Are in the hopes that miracles can come true

That no child is alone on Christmas morning

That is just from my point of view


My other Christmas wish

Is for the whole world to see

The joy and all the love

That is instilled within me


For my special Christmas Wish

Is to share the joy with that one special man

To kiss beneath the mistletoe

To hold me close and never let me go


That is my Christmas wish this year

To be with friends and family

Spreading great holiday cheer

And to be with that one special man

Who means the world to me ….