My Christmas angel

She came to me

At my darkest moment

Down on bended knees


She wiped away my tears

Offered a gentle smile

Helped me to my feet

Together, we walked for awhile


She listened with such intent

As we strolled down the snowy lane

She could sense my discontent

She could sense my pain


This angel spoke to me:


My dearest Tracy


You are not alone

At this time of year

To God, you are not unknown

He holds your heart so dear


You must search within your soul

You must learn to believe

You cannot lose control

On this night of Christmas Eve


She reached for my hand

Offered a wink and a smile

At that moment I was able to understand

As we stood in silence for just awhile


I closed my eyes

To say a prayer

When I looked for my angel

She was no longer there


My Christmas angel

Saved my life that night

For the first time in my life

Everything seemed so right


Christmas is not about what is wrapped beneath the tree. What matters most of all, is the love that is shared between family and friends. Togetherness is what counts. What you are willing to give to others and not expect anything in return makes all the difference in the world