A Darkened Silhouette

A darkened silhouette, she stands alone. She looks beyond, too afraid to look you in the eyes, fearful that you may see straight into her soul. Her darkened soul reeks of sadness. Bearing scars from abuse, yet she escapes attention drawn to her like a hummingbird is drawn to the color red. Sadly, her life is stagnant, making her tired, depressed and wanting nothing more than to die.

She desires to be understood but she allows nobody into her world. She longs to be held, yet she will not allow anyone to touch her. She screams out loud, yet she cannot be heard. She walks amongst the others covered in anger and hate, eyes peeled to the ground. Hearing whispers all around her, yet she continues on. This young girl, so full of life, yet so empty, fragile, lost and alone, does not ask for help. She only thinks who she is and how she is, is normal.

She cannot hold a conversation, she is too afraid you will criticize her words, yet she can sit in her room and pen the most beautiful poetry unnoticed to the world. She sits alone and ponders her tainted youth. She dreams often about what life will be like as an adult but she cannot see beyond the darkness.

She is a darkened silhouette, one who stands behind her own shadow. She is not afraid to dance in the rain alone. Not only has she drowned in her own sorrows, she is well nourished from her own tears. The picture she portrays to the rest of the world may seem grim; but she feels her life is normal. Someday this darkened silhouette will awaken and come to life. In the meantime, she stands alone in silence.

A note from the author: I wrote this story about a girl I watched grow from a bubbly little girl into this dark, deep, difficult, silent girl. Almost like night and day and she stood before me and could not look me in the eyes as we were talking. I was not surprised because I saw a little of me in her at that age. However, we need to understand why teenagers get to that point of alienation. How do we prevent this from happening and what can be done to correct the situation once it arises? Get involved! Just get involved!