Cascading mountains

Seen from a windowsill

In meadow full of flowers

Daisies and daffodils


From white, puffy clouds

On a clear summer day

Not hidden by misty shrouds

Chasing your blues away


From a bubbling brook

To a mellowing stream

By a fire with a good book

Brings forth a pleasant theme


Standing in the middle of a crowd

Shouting at the top of your lungs

Watching people walking by line

Some speaking in tongue


This is inspiration.

How great poetry is written.

Surrounded by God's creation

Reaching from deep within


In the silent of night

As you watch the first snowfall

When everything is black and white

When you feel so small


When inspired by a small child

What a great story is told

Witnessing a newborn's first smile

Is something to behold


This is inspiration

Visions from the heart and soul

It can be your salvation

It will play its vital role


My inspiration

Comes from thoughts in such

As I share my poetry with you

I hope you enjoy them just as much


This poetry verse was taken from the "Dancing With Words" by Tracy Leigh Ball