Why do you keep picking on me? Why do you keep tripping me in the halls, pushing me up against lockers, slapping my head, knocking books out of my arms, and calling me names while following behind me, and chasing me out of school and following me home? Why are you always trying to start a fight with me? I do not want to fight you; I just want to be left alone and yet somehow you have picked me out of the crowd to be your punching bag, your joke of the day. Does this make you feel superior? Does this make you feel strong and invincible?

No child should ever have to fear going to school.

Bullying has been around for many generations. When will it ever end?  When I was in elementary school, I remember vividly, the girls who followed me home and called me names, pushed me down and even shoved me in front of a moving car. I was lucky that the woman driving the car was quick and able to stop but I ended up with a bloody nose and she gave me a ride home.

The girls were older and tougher than I was, and I never did anything to provoke them but for some reason they picked me out of the whole student body and decided to make me their punching bag. I was never so relieved when they went to junior high and giving me two years of relief.

However, the minute I entered junior high, they were waiting for me and the bullying continued. My parents finally stepped in and put an end to my suffering by calling the police after I was beat up while off school grounds. The police took us over to one of the girl’s home to confront the parent; we were amazed to find that the mother was mouthier then her child. That explained why the girl was the way she was.

It starts at home, whether a family member has bullied the bully, mentally or physically.This compels them to turn around and afflict the same abuse onto others for self-satisfaction. We need to draw a line somewhere and gain control of this ‘ever growing’ epidemic before it escalates out of control. The number of bullied teens committing suicide has grown and will continue to grow if we do not step in and implement harsher laws. Make the bully completely responsible for  their actions. Charge them with reckless homicide if the child they are tormenting should commit suicide, and if that does not stop them from bullying other children, then we need to force the parent of the bully, to pay a hefty fine. Maybe then and only then will parents step up and teach their children the importance of respecting other children. Wake up people something has to be done!

We all share the same concerns for every child facing this on a daily basis, yet nobody has come forth to stop this dead in its tracks. If you have never been bullied, that should not make a difference in your willingness to get involved. I have heard parents say; “I was never bullied, and my child is not being bullied, so I don’t need to get involved”.  Well you need to get involved and start showing interest in your local school board and get the ball rolling in your district to force them to implement harsher punishment, help protect the innocent child, whether it is your child or not. If they do not wish to implement harsher punishment, protest until they make the changes.

We all have ideas on what should be done, and I do not think there is any right or wrong way of doing this. I firmly believe that we need to make the bully fully responsible and if he/she wishes to continue then we need to go after their parents, bottom line!

Also, let us not make this a gay/straight issue. The fact that a bully torments any child should be the focus. Every school district in the United States needs to protect the innocent child no matter the gender, race, etc.