As I sit here and ponder the reason why I write, nothing grand comes to mind. I am sure there are many who will say they write to inspire. Some will claim that it is a passion since they were knee high to a Billy goat. I have been a writer since the age of fifteen. I wrote and recorded my first song when I was sixteen, I wrote my first poem when I was seventeen and then I started writing short stories there soon after.

So I guess I can say I write because it is all I know. “Writing is not a passion learned but a passion willed within”. I believe that with all my heart since I created that quote. Without that passion or drive, we would not write.

I may not be a bestselling author or that brilliant writer, there is always room for improvement, and there is always room for constructive criticism that will allow me to blossom into a well-oiled writing machine. In the meantime, I will continue to entertain what fans I do have and I will be thankful that I am able to live out my dream. I will continue to impress myself with the accomplishments and goals I set and achieve. We can all say we write to inspire but in all honesty, I write to teach those with less confidence that it is possible to make your dreams come true.

There is plenty of room in this world for all types of writers and since I have become a published author, I have learned that we all have different approaches in writing and believe that your style is your style and you should not let anyone take that away from you. If you believe, it will happen.