Little girl lost

No concept of time

Thoughts echo inside her head

Without meaning and rhyme

She looks at the world

Through innocent eyes

All that has been done to her

She never questions why

She sits alone in silence

Unable to tell a soul

The fear he planted in her

For he has complete control

She doesn’t understand

If this is right or wrong

Too young to comprehend

She is forced to play along

She had nobody around

To protect her gentle heart

He said it was all her fault

Right from the very start

When he enters her bedroom

Her body trembles with fear

She pretends she is elsewhere

His breath reeks of beer

When it is finally over

He stumbles for the door

Turns and tells her he loves her

Then calls her his little whore

She longs to see her mother

She passed while giving birth

She feels she has no purpose

She feels she has no worth

This little girl lost

Will live her life alone

She will live in silence

Maybe understand this when she is grown

So all you parents out there

Hug your kids today

Listen to their stories

Don’t ever turn them away

They only speak the truth

They need you to believe

To protect their precious youth

Your trust they long to achieve

This is dedicated to all the children in harms way!

Nobody has the right to put their hands on a child, to place them in harms way for their own benefit.  We need to pay more attention to the cry for help from a child!!!