Dancing with words

As delicate as can be

Finagled with such charm

Pampered with such glee

Giving such meaning

In what you try to say

Stumbled words intervening

Can fill you with dismay

Mumbled words

Can leave you confused

May be intentional

When they are misused

Words carefully chosen

To sooth the weary heart

Could lead to temptation

As it plays its vital part

Words can add dimensions

They can also make you weak

Your world remains in suspension

While productive time is what you seek

Dancing with words

Could make for a magical time

From a playful twirl

While dancing to a musical rhyme

Two stepping around the truth

Can damage a weakened soul

Won’t take a sip of Vermouth

To make a person feel whole

Choose your words wisely

Dance that last dance

Never be afraid

To take that chance

For dancing with words

As delicate as can be

Can make or break you

When you dance that dance with me!