He is only twelve years old but his passion for drumming is enormous. He reminded me of me at his age when all I wanted to do is sing. Although, I was singing at age seven and beyond, I was fascinated with his enthusiastic idea that this was what his dream profession was going to be. I have watched him drum on his bed with wooden spoons in hand. Each beat was in sync with the music and the bedspread would eventually bunch up from all the pounding but he did not care, the look of delight upon his face, was priceless.

The shocking side to this was when he came to me confessing how hurt he was when he told his peers that this was what he wanted to do. They laughed at him, telling him that there was no way he could be a professional drummer. This is where we need to explain to children that everyone is entitled to dream and to not make fun of those who do. When a child expresses an interest loudly, let them shout it out to the world without any rejection from others.

Very often we as adults try to instill values into the children in our lives; and guide them the best way we know how from our own experiences. Yet our dreams and experiences are not necessarily their dreams and they will eventually develop their own experiences. It was hard enough for me to go through what I went through and not sway this young man from the entertainment field. Then I realized that what happened to me may not ever happen to him, so why squash his dream because mine didn’t work out.

I began to understand how important and just how much children need to dream. Sure they will change their minds many times along the way, and be disappointed. That is where we come in, to lend as much support and information about their ideas and how they will have to work hard to reach that goal if that is the passion they hold true to themselves.

It is not about squashing their dream because we feel it is too high of a goal for them, or they are not good enough to accomplish that goal, not smart enough to achieve success. They need to hear from us; the positives and negatives of that dream and what it will take to achieve it. If they choose to continue forward, then we need to step aside and watch them prosper no matter how afraid we are that they will fail. Give them the room to fail and reassure them that they will be okay in doing so.