Gracie hugged her teddy bear tightly. With her eyes closed she began to count softly, one-one thousand, two-one thousand, and three-one thousand until she heard the rumbling of thunder in the distance.  Gracie was too afraid to move and too afraid to shout for mommy or daddy. She would have to tough this one out alone. Trembling with fear, she clenched her teddy close to her chest as the rush of adrenaline began to exhaust her.

Another flash of lightening and she began to count again; one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, and four-one thousand. The rumbling of thunder could barely be heard. Gracie was a brave little girl; she never once shed a tear like she did so many times before when it stormed.

The storm had passed and Gracie was able to relax, still holding onto her teddy she began to fall asleep. At that point, her door crept open and a soft voice whispered to her.

“Gracie honey, are you alright?” a female voice asked softly.

“Yes mommy.” She proudly replied.

“The storm is over honey, go to sleep. You are my brave little girl and I am so proud of you, good night my little Gracie Lou-Lou.” She praised.

Kids are so precious no matter how you look at them. They are brave when you allow them to be, they are creative when encouraged, and they are willing to learn as long as you are willing to teach them. Embrace every moment and let them enlighten your heart!