Vera waited a couple of days before going up to visit Stephanie. When she stepped into the room, the girl took one look at her and fell apart. Vera rushed over and placed her arms around her. She looked pretty beaten  up. Her hair was dirty with dried blood and she had one swollen eye, bruises on her cheek and all up and down her arms.

“Dear take a deep breath, you are alive honey. I am so sorry that you lost the baby. I wish I could take this pain away but we are so grateful that you are alive.” She sat down in the chair next to her bed, never letting her hand go.

“Why did this happen to me?” she cried out.

“I don’t know honey, I wish I could answer that. Did this person rob you? Where did he take you, Joshua didn’t say too much.” she asked

“He came out of nowhere. I had a flat tire on Seton Road. I wasn’t that far from my parents’ retreat so I thought I would walk. Aunt Vera he came out of nowhere, he grabbed me from behind and dragged me into the woods.