“I know this seems a bit odd to you, but I noticed that you

were by yourself. I was wondering if I could give you a lift to the

train station? That way you can avoid the rain. I wouldn’t mind

helping you out.” He looked sincere to Vera, like he was making

an effort to be nice. So she agreed to let him drive her over.

“Thank you so much, that would be tremendous and very kind

of you.” She started to open the front passenger door when he

motioned for her to climb into the back, but she hesitated.

“Oh it is standard procedure to never allow anyone to ride up

front. I am sorry I have to put you in the back if that is all right

with you. I am harmless.” He offered with such confidence.

“Okay, that isn’t a problem for me, I am glad I don’t have to

walk across this busy street in the rain.” She climbed into the back

of the squad car. He took her umbrella from her and shook it out

and handed it back to her. He climbed into the drivers seat and

proceeded to drive off.

Vera could not understand why she suddenly allowed this man

to give her a ride when he always gave her the willies but he

seemed to be genuine for the first time since her encounters with


“You don’t mind if I put some music on do you?” he looked

at her in the rear view mirror.

“No not at all. We don’t have far to go so that is up to you.”

She commented

“Well actually you do have far to go. Instead of taking you to

the train station, I would like to take you to a place I am sure you

have never seen before. You have about an hour to kill before the

next train arrives. So I thought I would take you sight seeing.” He

just kept looking straight ahead.

“Really that is not necessary. I really should be getting to the

station.” She started to panic.