The lights flickered off and on a few times but managed to stay
on. Vera missed Howard terribly. In storms, she would bury her
head in his chest. He’d always chuckle, but he’d hold her tight and
rest his chin against the top of her head. Vera missed that part of
her life but she was proud that she made it this far without
Howard. Resting her head back against the couch and closing her
eyes, she could remember how the kids would know just where to
hide when they did not want her to find them, bringing a smile
across her lips.

A clap of thunder brought her back to reality. She patted
Sappy atop her head reassuring her that it would soon be over.
Sappy offered a quick lick upon Vera’s cheek. “I love you too
girl,” she whispered.

The storm had settled down but the rain continued. Vera was
able to finally let Sappy out. The motion lights came on. Vera had
to go the bathroom herself and felt comfortable enough to leave
Sappy unattended. So, she ran to the upstairs bathroom. Just then,
the cougar jumped the fence and on top of Sappy.