In a world filled with grand amenities for all, writing falls into this category as well. There are so many gifted and not so gifted writers out there. But the great thing about this, is that everyone is given a chance to express themselves.

I want children to feel like the dream they are dreaming can come true. That it is okay to want to be a writer, doctor, lawyer, pilot, and even an actor.

I have heard so many stories from young kids today on how their parents snuff out their dreams before they are even launched. Why laugh at someone who dreams big? Why tell them that they are not good enough or would never make it? I often wonder if this is an inadequacy on the part of the adult? An insecurity that only they can cover up by making someone else feel inept.

We need to encourage all children to believe in themselves and to pursue whatever suits them, not push them to live out your dream, but to live out their own.