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Hello, My name is Tracy Edwards. I am an author, a thinker, and a future Online Educator of Creative Writing, and Psychology.


Teaching and Learning with Technology..An online experience.

We have come so far in modern day learning that the idea of the brick and mortar/traditional classroom could someday fade away. Can this be true? Can this really happen? I am a believer in the traditional face-to-face teaching and learning technique but am beginning to lean towards the idea of being an online educator more and more. What benefits do our students have if they were to be online instead of physically in a classroom?

Students in K-12 are already being educated on the latest technologies within the classroom setting. Adults or higher education students are already participating in some sort of “online” educational program today. The future of online education is here and is in the now, and in more demand than we realize.

Bringing technologies to the online classroom can be tricky but also very beneficial to the online learner. Social Media sites can play a huge role in how you, as the educator, present your information to the learner. We as educators need to keep the attention and motivation on track at all times so how do we do this? Simple, you add videos, group chats, pod casts, wikis for collaboration efforts and the list goes on. Each instructional tool that an educator uses has to fit within the course and must be navigationally supportive for new online learners as well.

When you throw a dog a metal bone, he spits it out because the texture is all wrong. But when you throw the dog a chewable bone, he knows just what to do to get to that tasty middle. This is the same for your learners. (Not that they are dogs) The learner needs to know that what they are using is not going to be difficult to navigate through. The learner wants ease of action so that they feel confident in their learning. But if you intergrade a tool that is somewhat complicated, your learner will back off and his/her interest will drop. You do not want your learners to be frustrated as that will lead to drop outs within your course.

It is very, very important for the educator to know his/her tools that they plan to utilize within their courses. The impact of a smooth course for the learner is greater than that of a course that is presented in a choppy format.



When you think of blogging, the first thing that comes to mind is that a blog has so many different types of information offered from the author on various types of subjects that may or may not interest the reader. When I blog, I blog about poetry, short stories, and self help ideas about the writing and publishing world. I offer important advice and helpful hints to other author/writers so that they may learn how to get their work published the safe way.

The many different types of blogs over the world wide web can be about gardening, how to raise children, religion, story excerpts, exercising, nutrition, diet, and health issues. People blog about tragedies within their own back yard, or they may talk about happy endings. The main point of blogging for many is to get their words out there in hopes that it will help many.

As we all know, there are thousands of people who blog and there are thousands and thousands of people who read those blogs as well. Blogging is a great way to showcase any type of talent you may have. It also shows many readers ideas that you support, and allows you to showcase any type of work you may be doing/selling.


Blogging also allows us to create worlds that otherwise do not exist to many. I believe that the pros of blogging allows us to share our thoughts on certain subjects that we hold dear to us. The cons about blogging is that not all information will be correct and this becomes the readers responsibility in determining what is right or wrong. The good new is we as readers have the option to continue reading and or learning, or moving on to another blog of our choice that will suit our needs.


Blogging allows you to add photos to capture the readers attention also. This can enhance the audiences reading experience. When blogging, you must use integrity, clear language, and make sure that your work is informative and precise. You must always back up your BlogSpot with the proper information available to make sure you are truthful. (Depending upon what you are blogging about)


I blog about my books, and find this to be a useful web tool as I can control what is posted. I do hope you enjoyed the pictures and explanation about blogging and how important this can be for many readers.

Tracy Leigh Ball-Edwards




A Trip to Nowhere: An Unforgettable Journey


  As I look back throughout the memories of my past growing up, the hard lessons I have learnt along the way has made me truly thankful for each and every step that I have had to take to make me who I am today. However, this does not excuse any parent from the idea that it is alright to send their child out into the world alone without supervision, to live out a dream, whether it be their dream or the child’s dream; and not expect there to be consequences to follow. Do not be naive to the idea that nothing will happen to your child because things do happen and if you think closing your mind to such thoughts will make you feel better, guess again!

            I saw horrible things at age sixteen that no child should have to ever witness, I saw kids my own age walking the streets with guitars hanging off their backs, begging for food, waiting for the chance to be heard, to be discovered, only to be ignored, walked over, passed by, and I often wonder how many of those souls made it out alive. Did any of those kids get to go home, or are they still wandering the streets today clinging to that dream of becoming a country singing sensation like everyone else in that city is working for. I honestly do not know. (maybe?).

            I was an awesome singer, very confident and I had a natural, fearless stage presence. I wanted to be a Country star, I wanted it all and I would do everything it took to get there. My parents could see my path, the direction I was heading, so they did what most parents would do, they began to back me enthusiastically. They were willing to turn their living room into a weekly rehearsal room for my band because they enjoyed the music as well. Both my parents were present at every local show I did because I was a minor. But I always found comfort in seeing my Mom and Dad in the audience, seeing their smiles, watching their facial expressions because that would tell me if I was doing good or bad. We became a great team!

            One afternoon, a man came into town claiming to be a talent scout out of Nashville, Tennessee. His name was J.T. Willy. My parents talked it over with me and asked if I wanted to audition for this man and that they would be willing to allow me to do so. My heart was pumping because this was a chance of a lifetime for me. I wanted to go to Nashville and I felt I was ready, so my dad made the phone call and this gentleman and his wife showed up at our doorstep. He was a big man, not much to speak of. He was a smooth talker and his wife was mousy and did not say too much. He made himself comfortable in my parents’ living room, while I sang my heart out for him. J.T was also a singer and he sounded just like Johnny Cash, and after I was finished, he complimented me and told my parents “I can make this young lady a star.” He then invited us to a place in Madison, Wisconsin where he was performing with some friends and wanted to see how I would do with a live audience and my parents agreed. When we arrived, there was another man present, his name was Casey. After being introduced, I was then thrown up on stage with the band and again, I sang my heart out without fear and captured my audience without any problems.

            The problems then began. My parents were told they had to pay $250.00 up front in order to confirm my position within the company. We then signed a contract, without any lawyer present, which is an absolute no-no. Do not ever sign any type of contract with anyone unless you have a lawyer present or at least have had one look over the contract first. It was all for show, it was a bogus contract, but still, my parents believed that what they were doing for me was a good thing and this would have locked me into this company for seven years.

            My first road trip was to Bismarck, North Dakota with J.T and his wife. To perform with a group that he worked with frequently. I had never been away from my parents or out of Wisconsin for that matter, so I was a bit intimidated at first. My Second trip, J.T. decided to send me out with Casey to Redwood, Minnesota to perform for a week with a band and I ended up coming home three days later. Casey tried to take advantage of me in a hotel room and when I denied his advances, he dumped me with the band and left. When I called my parents and told them what had happened they called J.T. and then the band put me on a bus to come home. I was horrified, scared, stuck with strangers. I was angry that this man tried to do what he did to me and when I would not comply, he had the nerve to dump me and walk away. Without going into too much detail, you can imagine how horrifying it would be for a sixteen year old to have to encounter this type of situation and be so far from home.

            After that, J.T. took me to Nashville! A dream of a lifetime, or so I thought. Upon arrival, my nightmare began. One lie after another and the so called company was office space they rented on Music Row above another Record company. They had a cot set up in a spare office for me to sleep in. Months had gone by and nothing, I went into the recording studio and recorded Hey Big Man, and Baby With You…but later found out that all I did was record my voice over someone else’s. When I started demanding answers, and wanting to do more, they became frustrated with me, in return they sent me on a bogus trip to Florida. Telling me that this was a hotel circuit singing job, I had no idea it was a one way ticket. Luckily I had a friend who was visiting her grandma and I was able to call them to come and get me.

            They helped me get back to Nashville and once I arrived back at this office, it was locked with an eviction notice. The rest of my luggage was inside and I could not obtain my belongings at all. Nobody was in sight, they were all gone! I was ditched. Even though I was scared and all alone, I knew I had to fight back in order to survive. I did just that. I placed what clothes I had under the stairs of a hotel and walked the streets, worked in a soup kitchen, and survived. There is more to this story but the main point is never, ever send your child out into this world to live out your dream. Never, ever send them out with someone you hardly know. You have to go with them, you have to hire lawyers. Do it the right way and make sure the child wants this as well. I did want this but I didn’t want to go alone and I ended up seeing things I shouldn’t have, and things happened to me that shouldn’t have happened.

Do the right thing and make sure you do your homework first before you dive into something that you think looks really good. There are some really slick people out there still today that know just how to candy coat and talk their way into your pocketbook before you have a chance to even realize what has happened. Sometimes your children may not even make it home alive; some may even be sold as sex slaves as well, abd this does go on in Nashville as well as your bigger cities. I know this because I almost experienced this first hand.

Nashville may be a place for all the big stars to go and make their records and showcase their talents, but in the heart of it all, the dark side is rarely seen unless you actually have lived it. Trust me it is not that pretty!


Blessings of the Heart


The budding of a flower

In the beginning of spring

A couple holding hands

On a front porch swing


The sound of laughter

As children run around

Playing their little games

On School grounds


Blessings of the heart

Nothing can compare

Keepsakes and treasures

Forever shared


A soft sensual kiss

From someone you love

A newborn child,

A blessing from above


Raindrops upon a tin-roof

Snowflakes blanket the ground

Such a breathtaking sight

Such a peaceful sound


A simple hello

From someone you don’t know

A simple smile

Can spread for miles and miles


To be a friend

To lend an ear

To be there in the end

When their time is near


To give your heart so openly

It is a blessing from above,

I long to find that special person

That special kind of love


Blessings of the heart

Nothing can compare

Keepsakes and treasures

Forever shared

One Special Moment


One special moment

Taken away

No second chances

On this very day


A life time of pain

Promised forever

Nothing to gain

From this endeavor


Two hearts split apart

From one mistake

One broken heart

A habit hard to break


Soft words once spoken

Whispers ran deep

Many promises now broken

The tender heart now sleeps


That one special moment

Will last a life time

You can never forget him

Even past your prime


Since he met someone new

Your heart you try to mend

You admit you are no longer blue

As you try to comprehend


We all have our moments

Precious and few

We live to tell our stories

Old and new


Love will come and go

You won’t be the first, or the last

I won’t judge your future

Please do not judge my past


I will try to forgive you

Only this one day

Do not ever lie to me again

Friends don’t lie to friends this way!



A New Journey

The road is endless
The journey is free
It is all up to us
On what we want to be

We spend countless hours
Seeking the truth
We keep forgetting
How it began from youth

We ponder our thoughts
Putting them into place
You must always remember
They do not measure our dignity, nor grace

An adventure waits us
As we enter into a new year
Let’s keep those pens flowing
Keep our friends and family near

The many travels we may face
We shall embark on today or tomorrow
The scenery we shall embrace
Reminding us less of our past sorrows

We have the chance to grow
We have the chance to teach, to learn
Do not worry about what is written in stone
Do not look back at the bridges you will burn

So take this journey with ease
Be thankful for your life
May you find happiness and peace
May you forget about your strife

Happy New Year to All…

My Christmas Wish


Christmas bells are ringing

As the snow gently falls

Carolers joyfully singing

Deck the Halls…


Children anxiously waiting

For Santa Claus to arrive

All nestled in their beds

Afraid to close their eyes


Mommy and daddy

Are kissing beneath the mistletoe

Wrapping all the presents

In pretty papers and bows


The Christmas tree

With its tinsel and lights

Decorated with ornaments galore

Is such a delightful sight!


My Christmas wish

Are in the hopes that miracles can come true

That no child is alone on Christmas morning

That is just from my point of view


My other Christmas wish

Is for the whole world to see

The joy and all the love

That is instilled within me


For my special Christmas Wish

Is to share the joy with that one special man

To kiss beneath the mistletoe

To hold me close and never let me go


That is my Christmas wish this year

To be with friends and family

Spreading great holiday cheer

And to be with that one special man

Who means the world to me ….

My Christmas Angel


My Christmas angel

She came to me

At my darkest moment

Down on bended knees


She wiped away my tears

Offered a gentle smile

Helped me to my feet

Together, we walked for awhile


She listened with such intent

As we strolled down the snowy lane

She could sense my discontent

She could sense my pain


This angel spoke to me:


My dearest Tracy


You are not alone

At this time of year

To God, you are not unknown

He holds your heart so dear


You must search within your soul

You must learn to believe

You cannot lose control

On this night of Christmas Eve


She reached for my hand

Offered a wink and a smile

At that moment I was able to understand

As we stood in silence for just awhile


I closed my eyes

To say a prayer

When I looked for my angel

She was no longer there


My Christmas angel

Saved my life that night

For the first time in my life

Everything seemed so right


Christmas is not about what is wrapped beneath the tree. What matters most of all, is the love that is shared between family and friends. Togetherness is what counts. What you are willing to give to others and not expect anything in return makes all the difference in the world

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